Thursday, 12 December 2013

13 Day Countdown

Christmas is fast approaching and I know there are some of you that are scrambling to find that perfect gift for your loved ones or making sure that Christmas dinner is as extravagant as it was last year. But Christmas is about being with the ones you love and enjoying the time spent together. Also, the holidays can be quite  pricey but here are a few tips for staying on budget for the upcoming holidays.

To get some extra cash for those gifts that you really want to buy your family, or even splurging on something for yourself, think about picking up some extra shifts at work. There are also the odd jobs that you can find, like shovelling your neighbours driveway for $15 or $20. I know there are also focus groups that you can easily find on google. Actually, last year my friend worked at a gift wrapping place in the mall on the weekends to make extra cash and she said it was a fun job. Buying expensive gifts for family is perfectly fine, but for people at work a simple box of chocolate or even those mini lotions and body washes that you can get at Bath and Body Works are great.

Now on to  preparing that Christmas dinner that takes forever to prepare. Dinner at my house is always hectic, but I noticed that there is always more food than any of us can finish even after everyone has taken home leftovers. I suggested this year that we try to cut back on the amount of food that we cook and besides who wants all of that good food to go to waste.

Lastly, don't you ever wonder how some people get their gift wrapping to look so good that you don't even want to open the gift? There's a link for a video that I found extremely helpful when I first started wrapping gifts.  Once you get the feel of how to wrap a gift, you can start snazzing it up by adding pleats to the wrapping paper and a cute bow. And if these gift wrapping tips don't work for you, you can always buy decorated gift boxes at the dollar store :) as a quick and easy way to get the wrapping out of the way.

Merry Christmas everyone!